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Needle/Cable Cases (0)
- 상품코드 MYKNIT00409

Needle/Cable Case

Interchangeable Needle Case / Cable Case

Product Highlights
Needle Case
?/SPAN> Clear zipper top vinyl pouch with 7 needle pockets on each side to hold the tips (total ?14 needle pockets)
?/SPAN> Center open area to contain extra cables or tools
?/SPAN> Can even be used for storing small project, like a sock
?/SPAN> Case size is 10.5?(265mm) x 5.75?(145mm) x 2?(50mm) which can be expanded to 3?(75mm)
?/SPAN> Plenty of additional space provided to hold more needle & cable sizes
Cable Case
?/SPAN> Clear shut-closure vinyl pouch that fits in the Needle case
?/SPAN> Convenient handy case to store extra cables and small tools
?/SPAN> Can be used to store different length of cables
?/SPAN> Adequate transparency so that the cables or tools stored can easily be viewed