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Afghan Crochet Hook
- 상품코드 MYKNIT00405
선택 제품명 수량 금액
 3.00mm/15cm (13) 8,500 원
 3.50mm/15cm (10) 8,500 원
 4.00mm/15cm (23) 9,000 원
 4.50mm/15cm (5) 9,000 원
 5.00mm/15cm (22) 10,000 원
 5.50mm/15cm (16) 10,000 원
 6.00mm/15cm (18) 12,000 원
 6.50mm/15cm (11) 12,000 원
 7.00mm/15cm (12) 13,000 원
 8.00mm/15cm (16) 15,000 원

 Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Special Afghan Crochet Hook




Metric US Size Needle Lengths
3.00mm 2 /15cm
3.50mm 4 /15cm
4.00mm 6 /15cm
4.50mm 7 /15cm

5.00mm /15cm
5.50mm /15cm

6.00mm /15cm
6.50mm /15cm
7.00mm /15cm
8.00mm /15cm



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Product Highlights

»Symfonie Afghan/Tunisian Crochet hook – designed by Crocheters themselves

»All crochet hooks are hand–crafted by skilled artisans

»Available in extremely Attractive Colour Combination/Pattern

»Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong & durable

»Smooth Joins for threading with cable – enables stitches to slide around needles effortlessly

»Lustrous Wood Surface designed to provide more grasp to easily cope with slick yarns like angora and mohair

»A knitters best companion – smooth surface allows for hours of convenient knitting and the Symfonie wood

provides that much–needed warmth to hands