Rebecca Magazine No.40
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RebeccaKnitting with ggh



with English Instruction(별책)


Top fashion designs for ladies in sizes 4 to 18, and for men in sizes 34 to 52. Long sweaters with cables, men's sweaters with cables and ribs, a baby doll dress, cropped jacket with cables and basket weave pattern, long jackets with cables, sweaters with lacy ribs and cables, sweaters with all-over basket weave pattern, Jacquard sweaters, sweaters with ribs, cables, diamonds, short jackets with cables, diamonds and nubs, man's mottled sweater, hat in half fisherman's rib, bell-shaped raglan jacket, sweater with woven pattern, raglan sweater with roll collar, cable, hat with lacy pattern, stole with checks,. mini dress with block stripes, coat with drop shoulders and nub cable pattern, mini skirt, embroidered coat.