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Rowan Magazine  57 


This season's knits are influenced by natural landscapes and traditional techniques. Trends for the new season embraces the hand crafted idea by offering rustic and textured designs as well as modern and clean garments and shapes. Rowan is promoting two stories to reflect these trends for Spring/Summer 2015, 'Daydream' and 'Relic'. Daydream is a collection of soft feminine knits inspired by a delicate romantic mood, whereas Relic is a carefree collection of casual knits, inspired by the past with colours and textures found within ancient cultures. The 'Essentials' collection takes a new direction this season by concentrating on another major trend, Demin, whilst still promoting the key shapes of the season.etails:

Sarah Hatton, Vibe Ulrik, Martin Storey, Lisa Richardson, Marie Wallin, Gemma Atkinson, Amy Herzog, Galina Carroll, Carlo Volpi, Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, Grace Melville, Heather Dixon

Subject: Knitting, Crochet
Project Type: Accessories, Women, Men

Publication Date: 2015
Article Number: ZM57

ADELPHE /Wool Cotton 4ply

ALDA /Cotton Glace

ALEXUS /Handknit Cotton

ARCADIA /All Seasons cotton

AREZZO /Creative Linen & Pure Linen

ARTEMISIA /softknit Cotton

BORRO /Revive & Creative Linen

CATARINA /Wool Cotton 4ply

COTONA /Revive & Pure Linen

CYBELE /Wool Cotton 4ply

DELIA /All Seasons Cotton

DONNIE /Kidsilk Haze & cotton glace

ELDA /Kidsilk Haze

ELEKTRA /Original Denim

ELOISA /Panama

EMPOLI /Pure Linen, Revive & Silkystones


ESTA /True silk

FIA /True Silk


HESTIA /Original Denim

ANTHE /Softknit cotton

MARIELLA /Wool cotton 4ply

MASOTTI /Creative Linen

MASSA /Revive & Cotton Glace

NEMESIS /Kidsilk Haze

NICCI /Panama

OLYMPIA /Original Denim

PHILOMENIA /Cotton Glace & Kidsilk Haze

POPPI /silkystones & Pure Linen

PRATO/Pure Linen

SIECI /Pure Linen

SIMONA /fine Lace & Kidsilk Haze

SORANO /Pure Linen & Revive


VIOLETTA /Kidsilk Haze & fine Lace

ZARAH /Panama

▶ 배송기간 : 평일 오후 2시 이전에 주문/결제가 확인되면 당일 발송이 시작되므로 고객님께서는 (특별한 사정이 없는 한) 다음 날 받아보실 수 있게 됩니다.
(단, 공휴일은 배송기간에 포함되지 않으며, 도서/산간지역은 다소 지연될 수도 있습니다.)

▶ 배송지역 : 전국(단, 도서/산간지역 배송료 별도 추가)

▶ 배송비용 : 구매한 상품 금액(합계)이 50,000원 미만일 경우에는 2,500원의 배송료가 부담됩니다.