Rebecca 45
- 상품코드 MYKNIT01470
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 Rebecca 45 18,500 원

Rebecca 45 

Quality fashion designs for ladies in sizes 8-20, and for men in sizes 34-48. Lacy sweaters with hood, peplum, lacy dress, top with cables, dress with cables, mottled dress, dress with cable yoke, crochet hats, shorts, striped jacket with frill, black-and-white top, halternecks, hat, skirt with cable welt, crochet purse, cropped sweater, wide jacket, stola, block stripes, hooded sweater, striped sweater, hat with ties, man's mottled sweater, mottled top, mottled jacket with block stripes, Missoni look, cropped cable jacket, hooded coat, parka.



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