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Isager Tvinni
- 상품코드 MYKNIT03715
선택 제품명 수량 금액
 15s (5) 36,000 원
 22s (4) 36,000 원
 26s (5) 36,000 원
 26 (5) 36,000 원
 27s (4) 36,000 원
 28 (5) 36,000 원
 32 (5) 36,000 원
 37s (3+10) 36,000 원
 56s (2+10) 36,000 원
 58 (5) 36,000 원
 101 (3) 36,000 원

Isager Tvinni

100 % merino wool, spun in Denmark
Yarn meterage: 510 meters in 100 g

TVINNI was developed by Marianne Isager together with the Danish spinning mill, 봖kive Uldspinderi? It consists of the finest merino quality, virgin wool, which is first cut lambswool. The long and fine fibres make a very durable quality. We describe this as our finest yarn, which wears out beautifully. A sweater knitted in Tvinni has a long life if treated with care. As this is a two ply yarn it is suitable for knitting stocking stitch in the round and due to its lightness, it can be used in various combinations, alone or together with other qualities, in e.g. Fair Isle and Norwegian knitting.
As Highland and Alpaca 2 have the same meterage, textured or multi coloured patterns can be worked these yarns together with Tvinni or they may even replace Tvinni.

Tvinni is also used in combination with other yarns. Some suggestions are:
Tvinni used individually works fine knitted on 2,5 and 3,5 mm needles
Tvinni and Alpaca 1 held together knitted on 3,5 ?4,5 mm needles
Tvinni and Alpaca 2 held together knitted on ?5,5 mm needles
Tvinni og Silk Mohair held together knitted on 4 ?7 mm needles

/ colors with "s" suffix are dyed on natural gray / all other colors are dyed on white.

Color swatches shown are Spinni. Tvinni colors are identical to Spinni; 2 strands are twisted together.

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▶ 배송비용 : 구매한 상품 금액(합계)이 50,000원 미만일 경우에는 2,500원의 배송료가 부담됩니다.