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선택 제품명 수량 금액
 901(Birch Bark) 18,000 원
 909(Bancroft)-(한정수량 4+1) 18,000 원
 911(Cheshire) 18,000 원
 919(Canal) 18,000 원
 921(Mallard) 18,000 원
 929(Spoonwood) 18,000 원
 931(Eastview) 18,000 원
 939(Monarch) 18,000 원
 941(Barn Door) 18,000 원
 949(Elm) 18,000 원
 951(Gatehouse) 18,000 원
 959(Penstock) 18,000 원
 971(Silver Lake) 18,000 원
 979(Nelson) 18,000 원


100% Pure Wool


110yds/100m/50 g Skein

Needle size





Approx. 110 yards per 50 gram skein; worsted weight; 100% WOOL

5.2 stitches/inch; US 6 Needles
5.0 stitches/inch; US 7 Needles
4.5 stitches/inch ; US 8 Needles

Introducing our first soft-spun, minimally processed, cushy super-heathered woolen yarn!

The inspiration for this yarn came from canoeing through the watershed in Harrisville, New Hampshire. The water bubbles up from natural springs, flowing from the top at Spoonwood Pond down to the bottom at Lake Skatutakee. The names for each color were derived from various things I observed along the rivers, lakes, and stream as I paddled along. The color blends were designed to replicate the essence of the objects for which they are named. Water is the reason our village was established here. Every day the river brings more water, power, and life through our mill. Our watershed is an endless source of life and natural beauty. I hope you enjoy the yarn as much as we enjoyed spinning it.

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▶ 배송비용 : 구매한 상품 금액(합계)이 50,000원 미만일 경우에는 2,500원의 배송료가 부담됩니다.